About Counseling

It is an opportunity for personal growth, a time for support and a clinical process that yields a healthier, a more satisfied self.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is counseling?

Counseling is a clinical forum, a process shared between a therapist and client.  In this forum the therapist serves as a guide to assist the client to define and adopt strengthening fundamentals into his/her life.

It is an opportunity for personal growth, a time for support and a clinical process that yields a healthier, a more satisfied self.

When to use counseling?

Unfortunately most people tend to wait too long before they turn to counseling for support. They allow the issue(s) to grow and access therapy when their situation has reached a crisis or critical point. In many cultures/societies there is a taboo about seeking counseling. In this belief system, counseling is seen as for the “weak” or “crazy”. This is so far from the truth!

Counseling can be a vital resource that can be used periodically in ones life for redirection and growth. Life is full of challenges and as human beings we are continuously changing, confronted by challenges that are opportunities for growth. Counseling can serve to help work through those challenges. When counseling is sought early to address an issue or situation that is consistently causing stress and beginning to hinder a desirable way of functioning (in relationships, work, emotional and psychological well being) the therapeutic process can usually resolve the matter in a much shorter time as opposed to waiting until the issue(s) grows in intensity and complexity. While counseling can support growth at any time, looking at counseling as a means of maintenance can help prevent crises and help in sustaining a desired way of life.

What can I expect from a session?

A typical session lasts about 50 minutes, however most end up lasting a complete hour.

In the initial session the beginning of our time is used to go over a Consent to Treatment agreement that is requested of all clients prior to commencing services. Also in this form your rights as a client, confidentiality, and a few other important details are explained. You are not asked to sign this agreement until you have had all your questions answered pertaining to your authorization of treatment.

In subsequent sessions time will be devoted to the process of healing and making progress in your clinical treatment.

How much will it cost?

My typical fees are between $160 to $190 per session.

Please take note that I full heartedly believe in this clinical process and feel strongly that all people should have access to sound professional clinical direction. Therefore I will not turn anyone away do to not being able to make the above quoted fees.

In my attempt to support all those who are seeking counseling I offer a reduction in my fee to ensure that you receive the most qualified and professional service. What is important is that you enter this forum and are able to complete the process. Therefore, if you need a reduced rate when you call to make your appointment, we will discuss payment and I will be happy to negotiate with you a fee that will fit in your budget.

I am able to bill most insurance carriers. Benefits will be verified prior to initial appointment. If you choose to use medical insurance, you are responsible to make sure you have contacted the insurance company, that you know your benefits and that Irma E. Llanes has received authorization to start her counseling services

Success in counseling lays heavily in completing the process.

How long will it take to complete counseling?
There is no general way to accurately calculate the duration of a client’s treatment for it is influenced by many factors. These factors include consideration of the scope of issue(s) at hand, the complexity of what is being addressed, the clients ability to “work” and make progress within the process and the intended goals of the treatment. These factors are all unique in each client’s process and it is not until I have had some time with you that I am better able to predict the length of your treatment.

What my vast years in this field has taught me in terms of those successful in counseling is that those who enter the forum with an open mind, a determination to look at the self and a commitment to their process, they obtain their goals and successfully complete their treatment and move forward in their lives healthier and feeling more satisfied.

How do I make an appointment?

Call me at 503.332.3394. You will likely need to leave me a message indicating your name, number and a good time(s) to reach you and I will call you within 24 hours of when you left your message. Your call is important to me and I make every effort to reach you the day you call.

I take time to talk on the phone with all potential clients prior to scheduling an appointment. This initial contact is a time where you and I are able to get briefly acquainted and a time for me to answer any questions you may have.

You may also initiate contact by sending me an email at irmallanes@me.com.

I thank you for the opportunity to guide you in your clinical process and look forward to talking with you soon.

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“Counseling can be a vital resource that can be used periodically in ones life for redirection and growth.”


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